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                                                                                Levi Wanders In......                    242258928_10223724976064447_1536663169133602942_n.jpg

This time last year Levi wandered into my life......

I had just lost Norm a few days before and was without a Boston for the first time in 26 years. I was lost.........

Levin is a troubled boy with a bite history who had been adopted out 3 times only to be returned. Thanks to the patience of his original foster mom, he ended up here. He's not much of a cuddler and he chooses to sleep in his crate at night, but, he is a great dog.   

 241364704_10223658687247268_6112639796159072264_n.jpg Like me, he likes to be left to his own with the occasional pat on the head.

He has been my inspiration over the past few months to get out and walk every day and to help keep me on track. He is a good companion and that is all I need in a dog. Thanks to the rescue for this boy.