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Norm (Grumpy Old Man)

What can be said about one of the most life-changing fosters that has ever crossed my path.   His name was Norm and he affectionately came to be known as the Grumpy Old Man.    Norm-for whatever reason-found himself abandoned as an animal shelter in the middle of nowhere.    The rescue received a call about saving this frosty haired elderly gentleman and of course we jumped into action

242038757_1247393869069009_1893222650128078316_n.jpg     When we got to the animal shelter I expected Norm to be in a kennel-but no-this gentleman had his own bed in the office and had free roam behind the counter.      This should have given me an idea of what kind of foster he would be. He may have been King of the Shelter but he was the smelliest, dirtiest, saddest pup I had seen.   He sat all by himself in the backseat all the way home where he was immediately introduces to a bath.  Which he was not fond of.

Introductions were made with our two pups which went well sometimes and sometimes not so much.    As with all fosters they ened time to decompress and get used to their new environment.   Norm could cover himself up faster than I could blink and snore so loud the neighbors complained.                                    241843995_600407667792506_6661304358166017343_n.jpg                                       It became clear that Norm was dominate and he needed a home that didn't have two other male pups.  He went to live with another one of our fosters who had two females.    Well he didn't like them much either but this foster Daddy wouldn't give up.    He lost his heart to Norm and Norm gave his all to his Daddy.   He had found a permanent home.  What a loved Grumpy Old Man.