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                                                                              Pippa's Homecoming

Pippa came to the rescue in 2020 as an owner surrender.    These rescues always seem to be the hardest because most people really don't want to surrender their babies but, circumstances change and they have no choice.......


She was raised in a home with a boxer that had recently passed away. One of our volunteers picked Pippa up from her mother and after many tears, was brought home and immediately fell in love. Who wouldn't fall in love with a little bundle of energy and kisses.    She stayed with this volunteer for several months until the foster Mom saw one of her long time friends and fellow foster had lost his Boston to the rainbow bridge and she began to plant a seed. You see this Foster also fostered Boxers -see where this is going.    After a few weeks and a little prodding Pippa was delivered to her new home where she immediately fell in love with her Dad and all her boxer siblings.   She has become the light of his life along with everyone else she meets.    The boxers lovingly tolerate her need to give them hourly baths and snuggles.                                                                  227147507_10159632184390238_2871702722815401835_n.jpg             240370808_10159673777945238_7452002558663215208_n.jpg                                                                                             

Pippa came into the rescue with severe cateracts.   Her Dad picked up the mantle and raised money for eye surgery and with high hopes she had surgery on one eye in February and can see.   However, we knew this was a chance, she developed glaucoma and will lose her sight again.    But don't be sad, she is astill a bundle of energy and lisses. moves around the house and yard just like always.

There is no doubt Pippa loves her Dad and he loves her.     This was a match made in heaven.