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Every Dog Deserves the Fairytale......


IMG 9193Douglas ( formerly Tucker), came to us in May 2018 as a foster with major behavioral issues. He had a bite history, post traumatic stress syndrome, and serious trust issues with humans. 

 He is strikingly handsome and had a lot of interest but, ultimately I was too fearful of what would happen to him if he bit the wrong person. I  was afraid we would be dumped, or worse.

So, we made the decision to keep him safe in our home, even though he was quite trying at times. It has been almost 3 years and he still has hard days, but seeing him sleeping soundly in a bed ( he wouldn’t use a dog bed for over a year), makes it all worth it.

 IMG 9194

 We are thankful to BTRTOC for saving him, and allowing us to keep him safe, happy, and loved for the first time in his life.......




 IMG 9195

 IMG 9192


 "We never intended to adopt Douglas, but when a dog needs you, you just know it." 





                                                                              Pippa's Homecoming

Pippa came to the rescue in 2020 as an owner surrender.    These rescues always seem to be the hardest because most people really don't want to surrender their babies but, circumstances change and they have no choice.......


She was raised in a home with a boxer that had recently passed away. One of our volunteers picked Pippa up from her mother and after many tears, was brought home and immediately fell in love. Who wouldn't fall in love with a little bundle of energy and kisses.    She stayed with this volunteer for several months until the foster Mom saw one of her long time friends and fellow foster had lost his Boston to the rainbow bridge and she began to plant a seed. You see this Foster also fostered Boxers -see where this is going.    After a few weeks and a little prodding Pippa was delivered to her new home where she immediately fell in love with her Dad and all her boxer siblings.   She has become the light of his life along with everyone else she meets.    The boxers lovingly tolerate her need to give them hourly baths and snuggles.                                                                  227147507_10159632184390238_2871702722815401835_n.jpg             240370808_10159673777945238_7452002558663215208_n.jpg                                                                                             

Pippa came into the rescue with severe cateracts.   Her Dad picked up the mantle and raised money for eye surgery and with high hopes she had surgery on one eye in February and can see.   However, we knew this was a chance, she developed glaucoma and will lose her sight again.    But don't be sad, she is astill a bundle of energy and lisses. moves around the house and yard just like always.

There is no doubt Pippa loves her Dad and he loves her.     This was a match made in heaven.




Norm (Grumpy Old Man)

What can be said about one of the most life-changing fosters that has ever crossed my path.   His name was Norm and he affectionately came to be known as the Grumpy Old Man.    Norm-for whatever reason-found himself abandoned as an animal shelter in the middle of nowhere.    The rescue received a call about saving this frosty haired elderly gentleman and of course we jumped into action

242038757_1247393869069009_1893222650128078316_n.jpg     When we got to the animal shelter I expected Norm to be in a kennel-but no-this gentleman had his own bed in the office and had free roam behind the counter.      This should have given me an idea of what kind of foster he would be. He may have been King of the Shelter but he was the smelliest, dirtiest, saddest pup I had seen.   He sat all by himself in the backseat all the way home where he was immediately introduces to a bath.  Which he was not fond of.

Introductions were made with our two pups which went well sometimes and sometimes not so much.    As with all fosters they ened time to decompress and get used to their new environment.   Norm could cover himself up faster than I could blink and snore so loud the neighbors complained.                                    241843995_600407667792506_6661304358166017343_n.jpg                                       It became clear that Norm was dominate and he needed a home that didn't have two other male pups.  He went to live with another one of our fosters who had two females.    Well he didn't like them much either but this foster Daddy wouldn't give up.    He lost his heart to Norm and Norm gave his all to his Daddy.   He had found a permanent home.  What a loved Grumpy Old Man.



                                                                                Levi Wanders In......                    242258928_10223724976064447_1536663169133602942_n.jpg

This time last year Levi wandered into my life......

I had just lost Norm a few days before and was without a Boston for the first time in 26 years. I was lost.........

Levin is a troubled boy with a bite history who had been adopted out 3 times only to be returned. Thanks to the patience of his original foster mom, he ended up here. He's not much of a cuddler and he chooses to sleep in his crate at night, but, he is a great dog.   

 241364704_10223658687247268_6112639796159072264_n.jpg Like me, he likes to be left to his own with the occasional pat on the head.

He has been my inspiration over the past few months to get out and walk every day and to help keep me on track. He is a good companion and that is all I need in a dog. Thanks to the rescue for this boy.